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  • Money in minutes service
  • Convenient agent locations
  • Reliability, guaranteed service
  • Convenient tracking system
  • Bank account not required to carry out transactions
  • Only a single (one-time) transaction fee. No additional fees charged by Pan Asia Bank

How to receive Money via Western Union

  • The sender can go to a Western Union Location anywhere in the world and deposit the Money and get a “Money Transfer Control Number” (MTCN).
  • The sender then gives the MTCN (which is a 10 digit number) to the receiver
  • The receiver may then come to any Pan Asia Bank branch or Pan Asia Banking Corporation PLC Sub-Agent Location and produce the MTCN
  • The receiver is,asked to fill a “TRM” (To Receive Money) form and within a few minutes money will be given to the receiver without any chargers or deductions