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    • Guaranteed Interest Rates / Returns
      The higher interest rate agreed upon at the beginning of the plan will continue to apply throughout the investment period
    • Maximum Flexibility & Transparency
      Customers can select an investment plan that yields the desired amount at maturity
    • Targeted Maturity Value 
      TenorRequired Monthly Investments (Rs)
      2 Year1,9373,8739,68219,36338,725116,175193,624290,436387,247
      3 Year2,4886,21912,43824,87674,627124,379186,568248,757
      4 Year1,7964,4898,97817,95553,86589,775134,662179,549
      5 Year3,4586,91613,83141,49269,152103,728138,304
  • This table is given as an illustration only, Targeted maturity value received at the end of the period may change depending on the commencement date, prevailing interest rate, continuity and timely deposit of monthly investment.
  • The actual maturity value will depend upon the opening date of your account and the consistency of your monthly contribution
  • A choice of 2, 3, 4 & 5 year investment periods
  • Half yearly e-statements will be sent to enable you to keep track of your investment