Services Provided

Start Up Projects
Customized financing solutions for new enterprises on flexible terms. Proceeds maybe utilized to finance capital assets, working capital and to meet pre operational expenses

Expansions, Relocations & Diversifications
Financial assistance to acquire capital assets, to finance incremental working capital requirement, to support existing enterprises, to expand the business activities and to move up to the next level or to diversify activities of the enterprises

Working Capital financing
Term loans, Short Term loans, Trade Financing and overdrafts to finance working capital requirements in line with business needs to existing operating Enterprises

Bridging Finance
Short term loans are given to existing enterprises to finance short term business requirements

Bid Bonds, Advance Payment Bonds, Performance Bonds, Bank Guarantees for credit purchase of goods and other related guarantees are issued on request

Other Facilities
leasing facilities on Motor vehicle, Machinery and Equipment, Import and Export Financing, Revolving Loans and Bank Guarantee facilities are offered by the department