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Encourage your child to start the habit of saving, with exciting rewards

Teach your child the importance of saving by receiving exciting gift items while building a savings fund to secure their future.

Key features & benefits

  • An exciting gift item for the child, based on the balance in the Pan Asia Mithuru MAX account.
  • Rs. 1,000/- Saving till
  • Rs. 2,000/- Pencil box
  • Rs. 5,000/- Lunch box &water bottle (hot & cold)
  • Rs. 10,000/- School bag
  • Rs. 25,000/- Kids scooter or smart watch
  • Rs. 50,000/- Remote controlled helicopter or Bluetooth speaker
  • Rs. 100,000/- Voucher for a Bicycle or a deposit of Rs. 10,000
  • Rs. 250,000/- A Valuable voucher or a deposit of Rs. 14,950
  • Rs. 500,000/- A Valuable voucher or a deposit of Rs. 45,000
  • (Gifts will be issued until the child turns 13 years of age)

Rates & fees

The savings account that works for your child’s future

Call or visit the nearest Pan Asia branch to learn about the Mithuru MAX Children’s Savings Account!

Mithuru MAX FAQs

Mithuru MAX Rates & Fees

With Effective From:- 2022-12-30
Initial DepositInterest Rate (p.a)A.E.R
500/=Less than 1,000/=--
Less than 1,000,000/=5.50%5.64%
Rs 1,000,000 and above5.75%5.90%
Special Notes:- Calculated on a daily balance and credited monthly.

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