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Enjoy the finer things in life and live the life you’ve always dreamed of

Experience the life you’ve always wanted with the things that make you happy. A personal loan with fabulous features that gives you financial independence.

Key features & benefits

  • Loans from Rs. 100,000 up to Rs. 7Mn
  • Flexibility in choosing the repayment period up to 8 years
  • Freedom of applying jointly with your spouse or child
  • No guarantor, security, collateral or prior bank account relationship required
  • Speedy processing
  • Repay in equal monthly installments or on a reducing balance basis

Rates & fees

A personal loan that will give you the opportunity to live the life of your dreams.

Contact us or visit the nearest Pan Asia Bank branch today to learn about the Pan Asia Personal Loan!

Personal Loans FAQs

Personal Loans Rates & Fees

With Effective From:- 2022-04-29
 First  two  year3rd  to 5th  year6th  to 8th  year
Professional8.00% fixedVariable with maximum cap of 10.50%.Variable.
Group Companies9.00% fixedVariable with maximum cap of 11.50%.Variable.
Approved Listed Companies 
Salary 50K – 149k10.45% fixedVariable Variable.
Salary above 150K9.45% fixedVariable
Qualified Nurses in State sector
First 3 years4th to 8th  year  
10.25% fixedVariable 
The Three Armed Forces (SL Army , SL Navy, SL Air force ) -Commissioned Ranks and  Non commissioned Ranks ) 
First 3 years 4th to 10th  year  
10.45% fixedVariable
The Three Armed Forces (SL Army , SL Navy, SL Air force) – ( Enlisted-/No insignia / Private- 5 years working /service  Experience) 
First 3 years 4th to 10th  year  
10.95% fixedVariable

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