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  • An Attractive gift scheme as the balance grows.
    • Rs. 1,000/- Saving till
    • Rs. 2,000/- Pencil box
    • Rs. 5,000/- Lunch box & Water bottle (Hot & Cold)
    • Rs. 10,000/- School bag
    • Rs. 25,000/- Kids scooter or Smart watch
    • Rs. 50,000/- Remote controlled helicopter or bluetooth speaker
    • Rs. 100,000/- Wi-Fi drone or Bicycle
    • Rs. 250,000/- Self-balancing scooter or Tab
    • Rs. 500,000/- Sony PlayStation (PS4) or Laptop

( The gifts will be issued until the minor reaches the age of 13 years )

  • A special scholarship grant for top three all island achievers and top five performers of each district at the year 5 Scholarship exam as follows.
EligibilityAccount should have been be opened prior to the date of the exam and the child should achive one of the top five ranks from his/her respective destrict or be amoung the top three ranks in the island
Reward for the top 5 achievers of each districtRs. 10,000/-
Reward for the all island top three achievers1st place – Rs 100,000/- 2nd place – Rs 75,000/- 3rd place – Rs 50,000/-
Method of DistributionThe reward money will be credited to the respective Children’s Savings Account