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Pan Asia Bank to reward top performers of year 5 scholarship exam

July 31, 2018

Open up a Pan Asia Bank Children’s savings account for your child today, and make your child eligible to receive financial rewards, based on his/her year 5 scholarship exam results.

Pan Asia Bank, which introduced a scholarship program five years ago to recognize top performers at year 5 scholarship examination, recently enhanced that scheme in a bid to further encourage students to excel at this all important examination.

Based on the revised scholarship scheme, the students who are placed among the top three island ranks will be rewarded with cash prizes respectively Rs. 100,000/= Rs.75,000/= and Rs. 50,000/=. In addition, the students who are among the top five ranks in each district will be rewarded with Rs.10,000/= each.

Pan Asia Bank’s Assistant General Manager Branch Credit and Deposit Mobilization Mr Shiyan Perera, commenting on the importance of providing students the necessary financial assistance to pursue their educational ambitions, stated that “These scholarships which were being granted by the bank for the past few years have paved the way for many deserving students across the country, particularly those from outstation areas, to pursue quality education and realize their true potential. I am confident that the new enhanced financial rewards program will further strengthen this endeavor by enabling children to achieve their educational dreams”.

These scholarships are exclusively offered to children who have opened up a Children’s Savings Account at Pan Asia Bank prior to the examination date. Pan Asia Bank currently offers two distinct value added Children’s Saving Account schemes namely Daskam and Mithuru. Pan Asia Bank’s Daskam Children’s Savings Account offers an additional 10% deposit on top of each and every customer deposit until the child reaches the age of 12 and a high interest rate of 8% (8.33% A.E.R.) on the total balance which is calculated daily and credited monthly. For an example, if a customer deposits Rs 100,000/-, the bank will deposit an additional Rs 10,000/- or in other words 10% of the customer deposit. Thereafter the bank pays interest on the total balance of Rs 110,000/-. Pan Asia Bank’s other Childrens Savings Account “Mithuru” offers valuable gifts as the account balance increases which are designed especially for children to use in their day to day life.

Students who will be sitting for the examination in 2018 can open a Pan Asia Daskam or Mithuru account  and maintain a minimum balance of Rs. 1,000/- and Rs 500/- respectively to qualify for the scholarship rewards. The account should be opened before the scholarship exam which is to be held in the month of August. New accounts can be opened with a minimum deposit of Rs. 1,000/- and Rs 500/- respectively and be eligible for the scholarship scheme. To obtain more information about this scheme the bank invites parents to visit the nearest Pan Asia Bank branch or call (011) 4 667 222.