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Pan Asia Bank strengthens its technology driven culture with digital examinations

July 10, 2020

Setting off a new trend in the banking industry, Pan Asia Bank conducted its internal Staff Promotion examination online for the first time in partnership with Esoft Metro Campus recently. This is a new initiative by the Bank’s Human Resources Team, which was inspired by Mr. Nimal Tillekeratne, the Director/CEO of Pan Asia Bank, to strengthen its digitization drive.

The financial sector has been rapidly and increasingly transforming from the traditional banking practices to a more technology-driven industry during the recent past and Pan Asia Bank too has been at the forefront of this initiative using highly computerized and digitalized environment while adapting to new technology platforms to sustain a competitive edge.

Online Promotion examination was held at the Colombo, Kandy and Galle Esoft Centres

which was initiated by Team HR of Pan Asia Bank to focus on the employee development. In addition to offering employees the opportunity to work in an advanced technology enabled environment, Pan Asia Bank also promotes a learning and knowledge sharing culture by initiating online trainings to develop all levels of staff through various avenues. The continuous online learning environment at the Bank has been a key factor that enables the bank to establish a unique knowledge-based work culture.