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Pan Asia Bank offers the best rates and gifts for your deposits

June 18, 2018

With the idea of encouraging savings and fixed deposits, Pan Asia Bank offers customers the opportunity to enjoy a range of attractive gifts this Avurudu. In addition, the 23 year old Bank assures these promotions will not cause a dip in their interest rates, resulting in true value addition to users.

Customers can enjoy a valuable microwave with every Fixed Deposit exceeding Rs. 1 Million and with a maturity period of 1 year, a valuable blender for every 6 month Fixed Deposit of Rs. 500,000 or a 1 year Fixed Deposit of Rs. 250,000 and finally, a travelling bag for a deposit of Rs. 50,000 or more to a Savings Account, lasting 12 months. These offers are also applicable to Children’s Savings Accounts.

Customers are additionally offered special gifts for Western Union money transactions during Avurudu season, with the bank operating from 1pm to 4pm on the 14th of April, specifically for ‘Avurudu Ganudenu’ or Avurudu Transactions.

Pan Asia Bank recorded Rs. 1.88Bn before tax profit in 2017, with their deposit base and loan book exceeding the Rs. 100Bn mark. The Bank also raised Rs. 2.06Bn in March 2017 via a rights issue, demonstrating investor confidence in their growth plans, which is expected to strengthen their capital base to both meet the regulatory capital as well as to fund future asset growth.

Nalaka Wijaywardana, DGM Marketing and Personal Banking of Pan Asia Bank, states “We are different because of our ability to understand customer requirements better and offer innovative financial products to fulfill them. To-date there are some innovative products that we have introduced to this country, which have still not been matched by other competitors in Sri Lanka.” Mr. Wijaywardana also claimed service quality was a big part of their competitive edge, adding “Whether it is a private bank or a state bank, these days customers want their banking requirements fulfilled fast. Our staff have been trained to give lot of prominence and attention to this aspect and that is why you will rarely see long line-ups at our branches.”

Pan Asia Bank’s island-wide network currently exceeds 85 branches; all working towards a single minded vision to become the most customer preferred commercial bank in Sri Lanka. The bank aspires to truly understand customer requirements and offer custom solutions; a strategy that has helped the bank achieve rapid growth in the last decade. The bank has also established a strong presence in the digital space, providing customers the highest levels of convenience.