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Pan Asia Bank employees soar high with ‘Fly Fun’

September 8, 2020

In keeping with its philosophy to provide an engaging workplace culture which offers an optimal work-life balance, Pan Asia Bank’s team HR successfully concluded ‘Fly Fun’, an enjoyable activity for its employees.

Teams were requested to make a choice of their kites under the ‘Truly Sri Lankan Traditions’ theme. The activity witnessed enthusiastic participation by employees who took part good-naturedly to design the perfect kite that best fits the theme. The creatively designed kites were displayed at the Galle face Green and all other outstation branches at their convenient open space locations.

Taking the spirit of togetherness a step further and to build a strong sense of teamwork, the kite flying event was held where various teams could display their kites and reap the fruits of their creativity and teamwork as the kites took flight towards the sky in Galle face green. The ‘Fly Fun’ event was enjoyed by all employees as it allowed teams to collaborate and network outside office work, which helped create closer bonds. At the same time, the selected theme, Truly Sri Lankan Traditions’ aptly fits into Pan Asia Bank’s identity as a ‘Truly Sri Lankan Bank’ that upholds the proud Sri Lankan identity.