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Live Your Dream Lifestyle with Pan Asia Bank’s 7 Day Bonanza

June 26, 2019

Credit cards come into prominence largely at the time of seasonal promotions, mostly due to the discount offers they carry. Since customers’ needs to spend are not limited to a particular season Pan Asia Bank has come up with an amazing promotion that runs throughout the year. Accordingly, Pan Asia Bank’s credit cards are offering now the ‘7 Day Bonanza’ – which empowers its credit card holders to enjoy 12 month 0% installments free of charge for any transaction above Rs.10,000 during the first 7 days every month. Balancing monthly budgets is a challenge for everyone against a backdrop of a rising cost of living. However, the 7 Day Bonanza is a delightful promotion for credit cardholders to plan out their big ticket purchasing without any fear or burden, within the first 7 days of the month, without feeling the pinch. Credit card holders can go ahead and purchase higher costing goods such as for airline tickets and hotel stays, insurance premiums, jewellery, electronic items, school fees, hospital bills etc, in the first week of the month, and pay in convenient installments through the year at 0% interest. All customer need to do is just complete the transaction and call Pan Asia Bank customer service hotline via (011) 4667222 to request for the transaction to be converted into an installment payment plan.

Apart from this not-to-be-missed bonanza, Pan Asia Credit Cards offer a whole host of benefits that card members can avail of. The most salient benefit is Pan Asia Bank’s ‘Balance Transfer facility’ which allows cardholders to pay off their accumulated Credit Card debt in full, over a more preferred time period, under one of the lowest rates – that could be up to 40% lower than their current interest rate. Thus, Pan Asia Bank comes to the rescue of customers of other credit cards, whose debts are unmanageable and who feel the pressure of high-interest rates. Such customers can transfer their existing Credit Card balances to a Pan Asia Bank Credit Card and pay it off in installments.

Pan Asia Bank, one of the fastest growing commercial banks in Sri Lanka, was also recently recognized as the ‘Fastest Growing Master Credit Card Portfolio in Sri Lanka – 2017’ by MasterCard International. The Bank currently offers three types of MasterCard credit cards and has introduced many customer-centric payment solutions during recent years.