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High rates and valuable gifts for deposits from Pan Asia Bank this Avurudu season

March 18, 2019

Sinhala & Tamil New Year is an event that brings Sri Lankans from all walks of life together where they look forward to the auspicious times to spruce up their homes and give gifts to their loved ones.

To share the spirit of this festive season Pan Asia Bank has come up with a promotion where valuable gifts are to be given away to its customers when they make a qualifying deposit with the bank.

This Avurudu promotion which is based on “Ganu denu”, one of our most cherished local traditions is valid till 30th April. Under this promotion customers will be offered valuable gifts such as 24” LED HD TVs and 2.8L Rice Cookers when they open a qualifying Fixed Deposit including Senior Citizens’ FDs and children’s savings accounts.

The uniqueness about this promotion is that, in addition to these valuable gifts, customers will also receive an attractive interest rate on their deposits. Going the extra mile, the bank has added another reason for its customers to enjoy the season by offering gifts for selected Western Union transactions made at any of its branches island wide. This is a special promotion for Western Union money transfers performed at all Pan Asia Bank branches island wide throughout the month of April.

Pan Asia Bank hopes that this will encourage savings among customers to ensure a prosperous New Year while simultaneously allowing them to enjoy the rewards of their savings.

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