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Higher returns and greater flexibility for your corporate funds

Open a Call Deposit with flexible terms, and enjoy a variety of benefits, including withdrawal of money when you require it, without a charge.

Key features & benefits

  • Higher return within a short period
  • Withdraw without penalties, with just 7 days’ notice

Rates & fees

  • With Effective From:- 2023-07-07
  • From LKR 100,000/- to Less than LKR 2,500,000/- 7.00%
  • LKR 2,500,000/- and above 9.00%
  • Note :- Interest Rate paid at maturity
  • Rate of inerest is reviewed every 7 days.
  • Click here to see the fees for this product

Invest your business funds, knowing it will be secure, but with the flexibility of withdrawing as and when needed.

Contact us or call our Corporate Banking Division to learn more about Call Deposits!

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