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A savings account is one of our most primary means of comfort and security. The more we save, the safer we feel in terms of stability and future-readiness. At Pan Asia Bank, we feel the same way, which is why we offer you a comprehensive range of savings options to choose from, depending on your earnings and lifestyle needs.

Pan Asia Bank Champion Saver is tailor made for the go-getter on the fast track of life. To keep up with your revved-up, multitasking lifestyle, Champion Saver is designed to give you the best of both worlds – the freedom to withdraw multiple times for your savings account while enjoying high interest rates usually only offered on fixed deposits. Thereby helping you save more, along with 24/7 accessibility and the peace of mind of knowing that your cash is just an arm’s length away.


Value Propositions for Champion Saver

  • Unlimited withdrawal are permitted without affecting the rate of interest
  • You receive an internationally recognized VISA Debit card
  • You can withdraw money from any ATM which carries the Visa or Lankapay logo
  • SMS alert service
  • You can opt for a Pass Book or Monthly Bank Statements
  • You can nominate a person to be the beneficiary of the account
  • Standing Orders are also available
  • All you need is an initial deposit of Rs.1,000/

Champion Saver is designed for:

  • Resident Sri Lankan individuals over 18 years of age
  • Foreign personnel with Resident Visa status

Documents required to open a Champion Saver Account

  • A clear copy of the NIC or Passport or Driver’s License
  • A clear copy of a utility bill or a bank statement or any other valid address verification document