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We live in an age where credit cards are, usually, the preferred way to pay. If used wisely, credit cards are an ingenious way to make the most of life while enjoying maximum comforts and conveniences, at home and while travelling abroad.

At Pan Asia Bank, we understand that sometimes, credit cards need to be managed more prudently. To help you out in such situations, Pan Asia Bank has introduced a truly innovative, practical and viable solution that we call Balance Transfer. This allows you to transfer your existing credit card balance(s) to a Pan Asia Bank credit card under a low interest rate, and pay it off according to an installment plan that fits your cashflow. Thanks to Pan Asia Bank Balance Transfer, you have the chance to get back on track and enjoy more peace of mind in life.


 Pan Asia Bank Balance Transfer Value Propositions:

  • Balance Transfer Installment Plan (BTIP) – Customer can settle the transferred balance on equal monthly installments up to 48 months.
  • Minimum amount for BTIP is LKR 10,000/- (the maximum amount will be based on the available limit at the time of processing the BTIP application form)


 Documents required to open a Pan Asia Bank Balance Transfer

  • Duly completed Credit Card application form (For non-existing card holders only)
  • Completed Balance Transfer Installment Plan (BTIP) application form
  • Latest statement of the other bank Credit Card


Number of monthly installments03061218243648
Interest rate 15.75%16.00%16.75%17.25%17.75%18.25%18.50%
Installment for every Rs. 100,000/- 34,212.1417,453.039,108.626,344.884,980.343,627.792,963.69