• An Attractive gift scheme as the balance grows.
    • Rs. 500/- Saving Till
    • Rs. 1,000/- Water bottle & lunch box
    • Rs. 5,000/- School stationary pack
    • Rs. 10,000/- School bag
    • Rs. 25,000/- Wrist watch
    • Rs. 50,000/- MP4 player
    • Rs. 100,000/- Dialog Suraksha phone
    • Rs. 500,000/- A gift voucher for 50,000/= to purchase a laptop from Singer Sri Lanka

( The gifts will be issued until the minor reaches the age of 14 years )

  • A special scholarship grant for top three all island achievers and top five performers of each district at the year 5 Scholarship exam as follows.
Eligibility Account should have been be opened prior to the date of the exam and the child should achive one of the top five ranks from his/her respective destrict or be amoung the top three ranks in the island
Reward for the top 5 achievers of each district Rs. 10,000/-
Reward for the all island top three achievers 1st place – Rs 100,000/- 2nd place – Rs 75,000/- 3rd place – Rs 50,000/-
Method of Distribution The reward money will be credited to the respective Children’s Savings Account